Vachathi Verdict: 269 Convicted, 17 Of Rape

Sep 29, 2011

A special court on Thursday, pronounced long-awaited Justice in Vachathi’s 1992 case and sentenced all 269 accused of cruelty on Dalit and 17 of rape.

Originally, a total of 269 persons of which the defendant, but 54 of them died of slope of the case.Officials of the forest police and revenue officers accused of a brutal assault and rape of many tribal women during the search of sandalwood smuggling.

According to the CBI, June 20, 1992, the team is composed of 155 forestry personnel, 108 police officers and six officers of the revenue came Vachathi Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu for the search of sandalwood smuggling.

Under the guise of research, they allegedly assaulted about 100 people, women and children detained and raped 18 of them was the looting their properties.

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