Anna Hazare Will Go Online To Communicate With Young People

Sep 29, 2011

Over 80 percent of the population who supported the campaign against corruption Anna Hazare were young. Overwhelming support to continue the younger generation is not lost on Hazare, who has now decided to start a blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. This he said would help him to feel the pulse of youth. Day and date of the launch of its new blog and Twitter to be informed immediately. Hazare, who has just passed Std VII, is not worried about NET technology.

“My voice has already reached the public through print and electronic media, and now I’m trying to get used to with Twitter and Facebook too,” he said in his official letter from the village of Ralegansiddhi. “My blog is to use my official position on various issues, and no one can publish a blog without my permission.”

Sources close to Hazar said its presence in the intern would also reject the rumors about him. “It is difficult to make statements to each and the media. Anna’s own version can easily be seen on the regular blogs, “said Jaising Mapara, sarpanch of Ralegansiddhi.

Kuvlekar Vijay, chief information officer, Pune, and Raju Parulekar, known journalist and political analyst, has taken the lead on the blog, Twitter and Facebook has Hazare. “We have great pleasure to send through the decisions of Anna in his movement and the nonviolent revolution of people around the world directly,” said Parulekar.

“Blogs and Twitter are Marathi, Hindi and English. If necessary, the blog is translated into a number of other Indian languages ??and also in the world.”

Rahul Sadavarte, first year student, said: “Instead of reading a newspaper, I can now easily access the Internet, but also interact with him. My dream was to get the dialogue between Anna and can be at least partially met on Facebook “.

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