Layout Lamb Of God Friendster

Oct 3, 2009

Free friendster layout CSS code download

Lamb Of God Friendster layout ini memiliki kesan sederhana. Hal ini karena Friendster Layout ini hanya memiliki background dari sang vocalist Lamb of God. walaupun demikian Friendster Layout yang satu ini tetap memiliki daya tarik tersendiri mengingat friendster layout ini bertema Lamb Of God yang tidak lama akan datang ke Indonesia.

Dowload :
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Pemecahan Soal-soal Matematika Integral Dan Trigonometri

Soal-soal matematika/kalkulus yang bikin loe bete.
15 pesan - 7 pembuat - Pos terakhir: 27 Des 2002
Soal-soal matematika/kalkulus yang bikin loe bete.ini buat kamu2 yang punya uneg2 ttg soal mat atawa kalkulus... di sini juga loe bisa - 103k - Tembolok - Halaman sejenis

Indonesian Virtual Company (InVirCom) Homepage
Untuk SMA, ini ada penyelesaian soal Matematika yang diambil dari puspendik : Soal & Penyelesaian Panduan UN Matematika SMA (tahun 2005) ...
Pemecahan Soal-soal Matematika
5 Nov 2007 ... (Tapi ingat lho persamaan kuadrat bukan satu-satunya soal. Jadi masih banyak topik-topik lain yang harus dikuasai.

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Penggunaan dan fungsi AutoText Pada Microsoft Office

AutoText, fungsinya adalah untuk menyelipkan teks secara otomatis. Maksudnya begini, seringkali kita menggunakan kata atau frasa yang sama berulang kali ketika menyusun suatu naskah. Daripada mengetik frasa yang panjang berulang kali, bukankah lebih efisien kalau kita menggunakan tombol shortcut untuk memunculkan frasa itu?

Katakanlah Anda akan sering menggunakan frasa “PCplus: paling plus bicara PC” ketika menyusun suatu naskah. Ketik dulu frasa tersebut, kemudian blok untuk melakukan seleksi. Selanjutnya tekan [Alt] + [F3] untuk mengeluarkan kotak dialog “Create Auto Text”.

Masukkan karakter shortcut yang ingin Anda gunakan, misalnya “pcplus”, lalu klik [OK]. Selanjutnya untuk mengetikkan frasa “PCplus: paling plus bicara PC”, Anda cukup mengetikkan kata “pcplus” dan tekan [F3]. Otomatis, frasa “PCplus: paling plus bicara PC” langsung tertulis di naskah Anda. Sebagai catatan, fungsi ini tidak hanya berlaku untuk teks saja tapi bisa juga digunakan untuk tabel dan gambar.
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Download Ubuntu 9.04 for free


Get it while it's hot. ISOs and torrents are available at:

Local mirrors are also available:

Asia Europe North America Oceania/Australia South America
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Convert easily CDA to MP3

Some of the most widely used audio file formats are CDA, MP3, WAV and AU. In the CD Audio, the .cda file has the representation of the CD tracks and not the audio information. These representations are valid only for the CD-ROM. The .CDA files can only be played from a CD-ROM. They cannot be played from a computer hard disk by copying the .CDA files to hard disk. If the .CDA file is copied to another media such as hard disk, then the CD track representation is not valid for that media. Generally, commercial CDs use the CDA format for distribution. The CDA files have to be converted to another format, such as MP3, to store them in a different media. The CDA format has the higher sampling rate. The quality of audio is superior to other audio formats. The MP3 format has the advantage of higher compression without much loss of audio quality. The file size is smaller by 1/10 of its original size depending upon the bit rate setting. The MP3 file can be distributed in all media, such as CD-ROM, hard disk and any removable media. The file can be copied from one media to another. There are a lot of converters available to convert the .CDA format to .MP3 files. AltoMP3CD Ripper is freeware downloadable from the URL http:// (1.55MB)

Xilisoft video converter is another utility that has a lot of audio and video conversions in addition to .CDA to MP3 conversion. You can download this from downloads/x-video-converter-41214.exe (15.7MB) Free CD to MP3 converter is yet another utility. This is compatible for Widows 2003 and Windows Vista also. cdtomp3freeware.exe When converting .CDA files to MP3 files, please ensure that the bit rate setting is about 128 kbps. The higher the kbps setting, the higher the file size. Also, the quality of audio is better. Most of these conversion utilities offer the option to choose a range of bit rate setting.

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Error This copy of Windows is not genuine

Microsoft is now becoming more advanced in its attack on pirated versions of Windows XP or Microsoft Office. The company is including a Windows Genuine Advantage security patch in the updates of Windows XP. This new patch produces pop-ups on the login screen and on the desktop explaining that this version of Windows XP is not genuine and the owner may be the victim of software counterfeiting.

To help determine whether the copy of Windows installed on your computer is genuine, please visit The Windows Validation Assistant performs a check on a user's computer to determine if the Windows operating system installed on his/her computer was installed using a valid product key.

Depending on the result of the validation, a success or failure page is displayed.

If Windows XP-based computers that were installed by using a Volume Licence product key might

be marked as non-genuine, then follow this URL: and if

your Windows licence is OEM XP version, then refer to this URL:

If your version of Windows XP is not genuine and does not pass the validation schemes, you will

not be able to download security patches from Windows Update, or install the latest version of

Internet Explorer 7 and other software.

Even though some of the cracks and workarounds (to bypass or remove WGA or Windows Genuine Advantage) are available on the Internet, it is strongly recommended to buy a legal version of Windows XP or Windows XP (Home or Pro) Edition licence kit. The Windows Genuine Advantage Kit for Windows XP will include a new 25-character Product Key and a Windows Product Key Update tool that will allow customers to convert their counterfeit copy to genuine Windows XP.

If you have a Legal copy of Windows XP but your computer still fails validation, please follow these steps:

Your computer may not be properly configured to allow the validation process to get completed. Login your system as administrator or a member of administrator group. First check the following link, Microsoft Genuine Advantage - Diagnostic Site

This will check your computer's configuration and fix any problems that may exist. After checking for problems, you can click on the link to validate Windows. You may directly download and run the WGA Diagnostic Tool:

Another reason for validation failing may be the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool has been disabled.

Please follow the steps below to make sure the ActiveX is enabled:

Open Internet Explorer - Click Tools - Internet Options - Programs tab - Manage Add-ons button. Find the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool and click on it. Verify the Add-on is enabled, if it is not, then please Click Enable and Ok twice to exit back to Internet Explorer. Close Internet Explorer and reopen it. Now try to validate Windows again.

For more information, please refer Windows Genuine Advantage Problems and Solutions at these URLs: and

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Google Ad Network Blogs

Ad sense Links

News, views and product info for Google Affiliate Network advertisers and publishers.
The latest news, tips and resources straight from the Google Analytics team.
News and notes from Google's CPG vertical (Consumer Packaged Goods).
News and notes from the Google Grants Team.
A look inside Google AdSense.
Google's official blog for news, information and tips on AdWords.
The latest news from Google's TV, Print and Audio Teams.
The most up-to-date product news, industry insights and testing strategies
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Five Best Windows Maintenance Tools

You download, create, delete, and move around countless files and endless piles of data on your PC every day. While your PC would ideally handle all of this data for you, it doesn't take long before you end up with a disorganized, cluttered computer. On Tuesday we asked you to share your favorite Windows maintenance tools, and today we're back with the five most popular answers. Hit the jump for an overview of the five best Windows maintenance tools, then cast your vote for the best of the bunch.


Any application called CCleaner where the first 'C' stands for Crap has to be good, right? Okay, maybe not, but this one is, thoroughly cleaning out your web browser, Recycle Bin and temporary files, registry, unnecessary third-party application trash, and oh so much more. Running CCleaner on your system promises to free up space, keep your computer running smoothly, and protect your privacy. It's also very fast and very easy to use. (Read more)

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a feature-rich replacement for the Windows default Add or Remove Programs feature (or Uninstall Programs in Vista). Why use Revo Uninstaller instead? Because not only does it just uninstall a program—it also removes all traces of the program from your system where the basic uninstaller may not. Revo also boasts a Hunter Mode for uninstalling apps by dragging a cross-hair onto the app you want to uninstall, whether it's the app's system tray icon or just a shortcut. It even helps manage your startup applications. (Read more)

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a fast and effective disk defragmenter intended to replace the Windows default. It's quick and easy to use, and Auslogics DD provides a nicely formatted report of the latest defrag, including a motivating "Defragmentation has increased this computer performance by X%" message.


JkDefrag is an open-source disk defragmenting tool. Unlike Auslogics DD, JkDefrag boasts command line support to allow you to set up your disk defrags on a schedule. Perhaps even better, JkDefrag has an installable screensaver that will automatically start defragging your hard drive whenever the screensaver is launched—it even displays the defrag process. Out of the box JkDefrag isn't the most attractive application you'll ever use, but when teamed with the previously mentioned JkDefrag GUI, it's just as attractive and easy to use as any defragger you'll find.

Spybot - Search & Destroy

Even if you're using one of the best antivirus applications available, you may still end up with some form of malware on your computer. Spybot-S&D will ensure that it isn't there for long. Apart from removing spyware, adware, dialers, keyloggers, and trojans, Spyware-S&D can also cover your usage tracks—like browsing or file history—to give you enhanced privacy on your computer. Now that you've seen the most popular five Windows maintenance tools as chosen by your fellow readers, it's time to vote for the best.
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The Best top 10 Databases of Microsoft

Microsoft Access -database templates...

These database templates will help you kick-start your database development. Why reinvent the wheel when you can begin your project using a pre-built template?
The Rational Guide to Microsoft Office Access 2007 Templates
Zac Woodall's book provides an excellent introduction to creating and sharing Microsoft Access database templates. It's a wonderful reference for anyone who needs to occasionally or regularly design or develop Access templates.
Accounting Ledger Database Template
The Accounting Ledger Database Template for Access 2003 allows you to create a basic chart of accounts and transaction ledger. It's available for free from the Microsoft Access Templates library.
Asset Tracking Database Template
This asset tracking database template assists in property management to identify assets by owner and description.
Bookmarks Database Template
The Bookmarks Database Template for Access 2007 allows you to easily organize, rate and categorize websites for future reference. It's available for free from the Microsoft Access Templates library.
Bug Tracking Database
The bug tracking database allows you to use Microsoft Access to track open and closed bugs in a software development project.
Business Account Ledger Database Template
This business account ledger database template can help you get your business finances in order using Microsoft Access.

Call Tracking Database
This call tracking database template for Access 2007 allows you to keep track of incoming calls to a help desk, business or other organization. It tracks details including call time, status, priority and category.
Classroom Management Database Template
The free Classroom Management Database Template available from Microsoft allows Access 2003 (and later) users the ability to manage all aspects of a school’s class activity. The template includes the ability to track course instructors, students, grades, locations, times, terms and credit hours.
Contacts Database Template
Every organization needs some type of contacts database and this Access template serves as an excellent starting point.
Customer Service Database Template
This powerful customer service database tracks incoming customer calls and allows you to monitor problem resolution and track related calls.
Events Database Template
This events database template allows you to track past, current and future events in Microsoft Access 2007.
Expense Report Database Template
Microsoft offers a free expense report database template for Microsoft Access 2003. This template allows you to track expense reports by employee and expense category.
Music Collection Database
This music collection database template from Microsoft's Office Community allows you to track your music collection by recording name, artist, genre, label, year released and other criteria.
Faculty Database Template
This faculty database template is designed to assist educational institutions tracking information about faculty members.
Fundraising Database Template
Microsoft's Office Online provides a charitable contributions database template for Access 2007 that allows you to track your fundraising campaign. Organized into three major categories, the database allows you to track campaigns, contributors and donations.
Home Inventory Database Template
If you're looking to create an inventory of your possessions for insurance purposes, this home inventory database template provides an excellent starting point.
Issues Database Template
This database template from Microsoft allows you to track, assign, prioritize and monitor any type of issue that arises in a business application. This template could be used for a software bug tracking database, a project management tool or many other applications.
Lending Library Database Template
This database template for Microsoft Access is designed for libraries but can be used for any application where items are loaned to individuals. It keeps a lending history and tracks outstanding items.
Marketing Projects Database Template
This database template tracks project timetables and deliverables for a variety of clients.
Meeting Tracker Database
The Meeting Tracker sample database for Microsoft Access 2007 allows you to track all of the details associated with your meetings. It includes the ability to assign tasks to owners and teams, track attendance and print meeting reports.
Nutrition Database Template
Watching your waistline? This nutrition database template will help you track both your eating and exercise habits.
Project Management Database Template
This project management database template for Access 2007 allows users to track multiple projects and assign tasks to different individuals.
Sales Pipeline Database Template
The sales pipeline database template from Microsoft allows Access users to track an organization's sales from prospecting through to closing.
Service Call Management Database Template
Looking for a database to track service calls for your business? Microsoft offers a free Service Call Management Database Template for users of Access 2003 (or later). This database tracks work orders including information on the customer, payments received and service notes.
Student Database Template
Microsoft's student database template can help schools and similar institutions track information about students. It's also an excellent starting point for any type of membership database.
Task Database Template
This simple database template allows the tracking of tasks assigned to individuals or teams.
Time Card Database Template
Looking for a database to track employee time and payroll? The time card Access database template from Microsoft offers a great starting point. This free Access 2007 database allows you to get started tracking employee information quickly.
Wedding Planner Database
The wedding planner database template allows you to track your guest list, invitations, gifts and thank-you cards. It allows you to plan seating arrangements, select a dress and compare prices on wedding items.
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