Corsair Obsidian Series 800D PC chassis revealed

Jun 2, 2009

Corsair revealed their very first PC chassis today at Computex. It’s called the Obsidian Series 800D and it can support a full tower that can hold 5 5.25-inch hard drives and 6 3.5-inch hard drives all within its steel frame.

corsair800 378x480

The chassis itself is finished in matte black and has a brushed aluminum faceplate. There’s support for ATX, Extended ATX and micro ATX as well as hot-swappable SATA bays in the chassis’ tool-less frame.

You can install fans in seven different positions including a 140mm fan that goes in the SATA bay. The power supply also has a dedicated intake and exhaust fan, plus you can place 120mm fans in the ceiling, if you wish. You can get the Obsidian Series 800D from Corsair starting in July for $299.

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Tongfong S30A 13.3-inch ultraportable with VIA Nano CPU

Chinese OEM Tongfong and VIA have announced the latest Via Nano based ultraportable, the Tongfong S30A. A mere 33mm thick and tipping the scales at 1.4kg, the S30A has a 13.3-inch display, integrated DVD burner and 2GB of RAM; it uses the VIA 1.3GHz Nano U2250 processor together with the unified VIA VX800 MSP and discrete S3 Graphics Chrome 435 ULP graphics making for a HD-capable machine.

tongfong s30a 1 480x317

There’s also space for a 2.5-inch SATA hard-drive, WiFi b/g and 10/100 ethernet, plus a 4-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard slot, HDMI and VGA ports and two USB 2.0 ports. The standard battery is a six-cell pack, but it can be augmented by removing the DVD burner and slotting in an optional three-cell secondary battery.

Vista and XP Home versions will be available. We’re yet to hear exactly what sort of runtime you can expect from the Tongfong S30A thanks to all that low-power hardware and batteries stuffed into every nook and cranny, and nor do we have any pricing or specific availability.

tongfong s30a 2 480x94

Press Release:

VIA Nano Processor Powers New Tongfong Thin and Light Notebook

Tongfong S30A delivers advanced processing performance
and stunning DX10.1 graphics in a stylish 13.3″ design

Taipei, Taiwan, June 2, 2009 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced the adoption of the VIA Nano processor platform by Tongfong, one of China’s leading notebook providers, for their new Tongfong S30A 13.3″ thin and light notebook.

The Tongfong S30A includes the high performance yet power efficient 64-bit 1.3GHz+ VIA Nano U2250 processor coupled with the unified VIA VX800 MSP and discrete S3 Graphics Chrome 435 ULP graphics for an HD video proficient, DirectX 10.1 certified notebook. HD audio and an HDMI port ensure that Tongfong customers will be able to enjoy rich media content in its finest form.

“VIA is delighted that Tongfong has selected the VIA Nano processor for their new Tongfong S30A,” said Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “With its advanced processing performance, DX10.1 graphics support, and stylish 13.3″ design, the Tongfong S30A sets a new standard for the fast growing thin and light notebook segment in the China market.”

“The Tongfong S30A provides the perfect blend of high-fashion design, leading-edge multimedia features, and excellent battery life,” commented Tongfong’s Vice President and General Manager of their Computer Group, Mr. Li Jianhang. “It will enable Chinese consumers to not only enjoy an outstanding thin and light notebook computing experience but also make a powerful personal style statement.”

About the Tongfong S30A
The Tongfong S30A features a bright 13.3″ display and full keyboard housed in a product design that is only 33 mm thick and weighs a mere 1.4Kg. Storage includes a 2.5″ S-ATA hard drive and DVD Super Multi-Drive while networking is provided through a 10/100Mbps Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless. Along with a 4-in 1 card reader, express card slot, and two USB 2.0 ports, the Tongfong S30A comes with a six cell battery as well as an option for an additional three cell battery that can be inserted in place of the optical drive for extended mobile scenarios.

The Tongfong S30A uses the 1.3+GHz VIA Nano processor, VIA VX800 Media System Processor and S3 Graphics Chrome 435 ULP dedicated graphics with 2GB of DDR2 system memory. The Tongfong S30A also supports an additional independently configurable display through both VGA and HDMI ports. The Tongfong S30A is available with either Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP Home.

About the VIA Nano Processor Platform
The first 64-bit, superscalar processors in VIA’s x86 platform portfolio, VIA Nano processors have been specifically designed to revitalize traditional desktop and notebook PC markets, delivering truly optimized performance and security for the most demanding computing, entertainment and connectivity applications. The VIA Nano processor is coupled with the VIA VX800 system media processor with support for high definition video and audio playback, and up to 4GB of DDR2 system memory.

The VIA Nano processor family leverages advanced 65 nanometer process technology for enhanced power efficiency, and augments that with aggressive power and thermal management features within the compact 21mm x 21mm nanoBGA2 package for an idle power as low as 100mW (0.1W), extending the reach of power efficient green and silent PCs, thin and light notebooks and mini-notes around the world. For further information on the VIA Nano processor family, please visit the VIA website at:

Delivering the full add-in card graphics experience in an onboard package, the S3 Graphics Chrome 435 ULP brings hardware acceleration for all leading video standards including H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, WMV-HD and AVS for a stunning visual experience, while remaining within the strictest of thermal envelopes. For more details about the S3 Chrome 435 ULP processor please visit:

About Tongfong Co. Ltd.
Based in Beijing, Tongfong Co. Ltd. is a leading PC OEM in China. Tongfong was first established in 1997 and is engaged in information technology, energy saving and environmental protection industries. Its IT businesses include information systems, application systems, digital television and internet applications. The company has enjoyed enormous success and rapid expansion over the past 10 years and is well on its way to achieving its aim of becoming a world-class enterprise.

About VIA Technologies, Inc.
VIA Technologies, Inc is the foremost fabless supplier of power efficient x86 processor platforms that are driving system innovation in the PC, client, ultra mobile and embedded markets. Combining energy-saving processors with digital media chipsets and advanced connectivity, multimedia and networking silicon enables a broad spectrum of computing and communication platforms, including its widely acclaimed ultra compact mainboards. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA’s global network links the high tech centers of the US, Europe and Asia, and its customer base includes the world’s top OEMs and system integrators.

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Sony's GIGA Juke gets storage upgrade, Walkman dock, and hits stores in Europe this month

Sony's certainly not letting up with its GIGA Juke line of home audio equipment. It's been nary a month since we heard from the company and now it's back with two more devices destined for Europe. Not much to get excited about here, but for an overall spec bump -- the NAS-SC500PK now pushes 100W and sports 160GB storage, support for up to five client players, a redesigned woofer (Terminator X & The Valley of Jeep Beets never sounded so raw, at least not in a basement rec room). The GIGA Juke NAS-E300HD holds steady at 60W with a more modest 80GB of storage. In addition, both feature a WM-PORT dock for that OLED Sony Walkman you've been lusting after. Look for the Juke in stores across Europe starting mid-June.
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ASUS trickles out UX30 laptop, MS Series display

ASUS is doing its best to keep pushing that Eee PC Seashell that we peeked a few days back, but it's the heretofore unannounced gear that has caught our eye. The UX30 is a new lappie based around Intel's fresh CULV platform, though little else is known about the presumably thin-and-light machine. Moving on, we've got the MS Series display, a striking monitor that measures just 19 millimeter deep and stays put via a uniquely designed ring stand. We'll do our best to grab some face time when the Computex floor re-opens, but for now, it's just you, these words and your imagination.
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Motorola debuts world's first retail DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems

You'll still need the love and support of your dear cable provider, but if you're within range of DOCSIS 3.0 service, you can bypass at least one aspect of dealing with your local monopoly ISP. Starting this week, Motorola is launching the planet's first retail DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems, which enable speeds up to four times faster than DOCSIS 2.0. The SURFboard SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 eXtreme cable modem will soon be cluttering up shelves at Fry's Electronics, presumably just beside the incredibly deceiving Monster Cable demonstration area. There's no word on price just yet, but don't expect such a luxury item to run you cheap, okay?
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AMD shows off world's first DirectX 11 GPU

On a roll of late, aren't we AMD? Just when you thought the fun was slowing over in Taiwan, in flies this: the world's first official DirectX 11-friendly GPU demonstration. We also learned that DX 11 (and presumably, AMD cards to push it) will debut prior to the dawn of 2010, but outside of that, most everything else is being kept under wraps. Indeed, the demo was mostly to show that things were still on track and for the chip maker to assure us all that it will "deliver DirectX 11 first." Alright, AMD -- now you've something to prove. Full release is after the break.

AMD Demonstrates World's First Microsoft DirectX® 11 Graphics Processor

− AMD previews significant improvements to the digital media and gaming experience, commits to bring DirectX 11 to market first −

COMPUTEX 2009, Taipei - June 3, 2009 - At a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) publicly demonstrated the world's first Microsoft DirectX® 11 graphics processor. The series of demonstrations shed new light on the significantly improved computing experience set to debut at the end of 2009.1 The fusion of AMD's new ground-breaking graphics processors with the forthcoming DirectX 11 programming interface is set to forever change both applications and PC gaming for the better. To illustrate, AMD showed numerous examples of faster application performance and new game features using the world's first true DirectX 11 graphics processor.

· Get ready for a revolution: Games and other applications are about to get a lot better as a result of AMD's new graphics hardware and DirectX 11. DirectX 11 features such as tessellation will bring consumers higher quality, superior performing games making use of 6th generation AMD technology. Another DirectX 11 feature, the compute shader, will enable AMD's DirectX 11 graphics cards to help make Windows 7 run faster in a wide number of applications and in a manner that's completely transparent to users, for example, in seamlessly accelerating the conversion of video for playback on portable media players through a drag-and-drop interface.2

· DirectX 11 done right on AMD: The development of DirectX 11 has been broadly influenced by AMD graphics technology. Each new version of DirectX builds on the versions that came before it, and many of the capabilities of DirectX 11 were pioneered on AMD GPUs, including DirectX 10.1, tessellation, compute shaders, Fetch4, custom filter anti-aliasing and high-definition ambient occlusion shading.

· Bringing consumers DirectX 11 sooner: The preview of the world's first DirectX 11 graphics processor at Computex 2009 validates AMD's commitment to delivering leading technologies to market before anyone else, and to continuing to foster innovation in computing.

· Fueling developer demand: It's not just consumers who are excited about the prospects of DirectX 11, game developers are also incredibly enthusiastic about taking advantage of new DirectX 11 hardware to bring even better games to market, in large part due to AMD's readiness to meet their DirectX 11 needs. Many developers have indicated their commitment to building DirectX 11 games initially on AMD's DirectX 11 hardware, delivering superior performance and compatibility.

"AMD has a long track record of delivering pioneering features that have gone on to become mainstays in the DirectX experience, and we're doing it again with two mature, AMD-developed technologies in DirectX 11 – tessellation and the compute shader – both of which enable a better DirectX 11 experience for consumers," said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President, AMD Products Group. "Today, we're previewing AMD's DirectX 11 graphics processor to build enthusiasm for this key technology so developers will have games available at launch and shortly thereafter. With the benefits it delivers to gaming, applications and Windows 7, developers are lining up to get their hands on our hardware, and we're confident that consumers will too."

by Darren Murph,
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GETAC's ultra-rugged V100 gets upgrades for performance, not looks

For those of you in need of a PC capable of operating in extreme conditions (anyone reading this from a mine shaft or a bunker, for instance). Getac's battle-tested and war-weary V100 convertible tablet PC has received several key upgrades, including a bump in processing power to a 1.4 GHz Intel Penryn, a front side bus increased from 533 MHz to 800 MHz, a RAM increase (bringing the total up to 4GB), and a max capacity increase from 250GB to 320GB. If that weren't enough, this bad boy now supports draft 802.11n WiFi, and lastly (but not leastly) a new UL 1604 certification (optional) ensures safe, spark-free use of the device in potentially explosive environments. Yes, that's right -- you'll soon be able to read The Onion from the shop floor at the TNT factory. No definite prices or release dates yet, but if this is up your alley you can keep an eye on your usual sources. Full PR after the break.

June 02, 2009 08:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Getac Upgrades Its Popular V100 Notebook/Tablet PC with Seven New Performance Enhancing Features

Extra Memory, Storage, and Communications Upgrades Adds Performance to Fully-Rugged Mobile PC with Super Bright 1200 NITS LED Display

LAKE FOREST, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Getac Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of rugged computers that meet the demands of field-based applications, is upgrading its popular V100 fully rugged convertible with seven new features. The latest enhancements to Getac's V100 fully rugged convertible include processor and memory upgrades, greater storage capacities and enhanced bandwidth and wireless capabilities.

"The V100 fully rugged convertible has been very popular because of its advanced feature set and super bright 1200 NITs screen," said Jim Rimay, president, Getac, Inc. "With better performance, memory, storage and wireless capabilities, the new Getac V100 is more advanced and flexible as ever and even better suited for mobile field workers and users of rugged notebook PCs."

The new performance enhancing features include a processor upgrade from 1.2 GHz Intel Merom to 1.4 GHz Intel Penryn. The front side bus has been increased from 533 MHz to 800 MHz; and the 2MB L2 cache has been increased to 3MB. Memory on the V100's RAM has increased from 2GB to 4GB. Storage capacities have been increased from a minimum HDD of 120GB to a minimum of 160GB and a maximum capacity increase from 250GB to 320GB. In addition, the computer's wireless networking capabilities have been upgraded to include draft 802.11n and the V100 now offers an ExpressCard slot in the standard configuration.

In addition, the Getac V100 has been UL 1604 certified by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent lab that tests products to ensure public safety. The optional UL 1604 certification allows safe, spark-free use of the V100 in potentially explosive environments typically found in the oil and gas, petrochemical, aviation and other industries.

The transformable Getac V100 features a swiveling LED screen for the ultimate in portability. It also features a Magnesium Alloy design, shock mounted hard disk drive and sealed I/O caps and doors to prevent damage from solid particles. Although it weighs a mere 4.9 pounds, the V100 is rough-and-tumble enough to withstand even the harshest working environments. It is fully compliant with MIL-STD 810F and IP54 standards for ruggedness including the ability to withstand heavy rain, airborne dust and debris. For further protection, the convertible notebook/tablet PC has a removable hard drive that is shielded by a special mechanism to prevent damage during operation; anti vibration compounds, which serve as a shock absorber during transport; and an anti-shock housing to further protect it if bumped or dropped.

The V100 also offers its Sunlight Readable Technology and can be upgraded to an industry-leading super‐bright 1,200 NITs display, which provides unmatched outdoor viewability and screen brightness while decreasing reflectivity thus preserving battery life. Combined with an active anti-reflective process based on circular polarization to absorb reflective light, the V100's Sunlight Readable Technology enables viewability that is more than six times better* than competing solutions and creates a mercury-free solution. Other features include 10/100/1000 Ethernet, integrated GPS and Bluetooth. It also features a waterproof keyboard and an SD card slot.

About Getac

Getac, Inc., A subsidiary of MiTAC Technology Corporation, was founded in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace and has been a pioneer and innovator in the rugged mobile computing industry ever since. Getac provides premier fully rugged, rugged and semi-rugged notebook, tablet PC and handheld solutions for the military, law enforcement, public safety, utility, telecommunication, manufacturing, field service and mobile workforce industries. All Getac rugged models are strictly controlled and monitored from the design, manufacture, quality assurance to service flows, making Getac an industry-preferred rugged computer provider. For more information, visit

* Based on Getac's comparisons of the effective contrast rate measured under 10,000 lux ambient lighting conditions.
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ASUS O! Play HDP-R1 media player won't likely get an O-face

We knew it was coming, now the ASUS O!Play is official. The HDP-R1 HD Media Player supports HD video playback in a variety of codecs including MPEG1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, and RM/RMVB in a multitude of packages including .mp4, .mov, .avi, .divx, and .mkv just to name a few. FLAC and OGG audio? Yup, no problem. The box connects to your display over HDMI or composite A/V with an option for optical digital audio for multi-channel setups. Media can be slung off a single USB 2.0/eSATA combo port, second vanilla USB 2.0 jack, or streamed over fixed Ethernet if you prefer to keep your content on the other side of the house. Sorry, no 802.11n because, you know, everyone's home is wired with Cat 5 (riiiight). No price or release date given; but it would have to be cheap and soon for us to be even remotely interested.
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How-To Set Logon Hours and Control User Logon Time in Windows XP

Have you ever wondered How-To restrict unauthorized members to access you PC/network or have you been using costly software to restrict your children from logging to ur PC at odd times??..... If the answer is yes, then here is a solution for you that lets you set Logon hours to your PC so that you can set limits on the times a certain user account is able to logon to the computer. This tweak work for all PC's running on Windows XP.

This can be done in DOS with the use of simple yet wonderful command
"net user"

Let me give you a brief intro about NET USER command.
NET USER is a command used in the command console to create and modify user accounts on computers.

To do this you should have Admin. privileges.

Now, let us know How-To modify a user account by setting Logon Hours.

1)Goto Start-->Run... type cmd or command to get command prompt.

2)If you want the user account for the computer to be listed

type net user without command-line switches and press enter (see below image.Click to enlarge)

Let us know about user accounts listed..

Administrator and Guest are Built-in accounts used for administering and guest access to the computer/domain respectively.

Help Assistant is the Account For Providing Remote Assistance.

SUPPORT_xxxxxx is the vendor's account for the Help and Support Service.

By default you will be having all the above user account.

Besides these, you can create other user accounts with your desired user names as you would do.

VUSR_RAMARAOBOBBY which can be seen in the image above is the
Account for the Visual Studio Analyzer server components.
As I would do Visual Basic programming i got that account listed as well.

3) Now let's learn how-to set logon hours for a user account (say guest) taking an example.
If you wanna do it for other accounts type that user name in place of guest in commands below..

at the command prompt when you type as below

net user Guest /time:M-Su,8am-10am

you made the Guest account to logon only between 8am-10am daily.(coz we have give interval as M-Su)

day codes as follows
Monday -M
Tuesday -T
Friday - F
Saturday- Sa
Sunday -Su

(as DOS is not case sensitive you can use small or capital letters)

Hours can be mentioned 12-hour or 24-hour notation. For 12-hour notation,use am, pm.
While representing time in 24-hour notation use as 08:00 - 10:00

only sharp values are accepted for time & Separate day and time entries with a comma

4) To set logon hours at different times for the same day use ; as separator

and To set logon hours at different times for different days use : as separator

for example if you want to set logon hours between 8am-10am and 2pm-5pm daily
then type the command as follows

net user /time:M-Su,8am-10am;M-Su,2pm-5pm

likewise if its for different days use : in place of ;

Note:: When you have given the command correctly then a message saying The Command Completed Successfully will appear after press enter.

and After setting logon hours when you try to logon outside the time interval given , it asks for a password and wont allow you to logon even though you type the correct password. (as in image below, click to enlarge)

5) To disable this feature and make user log on always type as below

net user /time:all

6) To restrict the user to never logon use blank in place of all..

net user /time:

As i have said earlier The command completed successfully message comes when you typed the command correctly (as shown)

Try this on your PC.. n post comments...

Note:: The command can restrict user from logging in but cannot initiate a log off when account is in opened state.

And plz don't misuse this trick.
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Only the Very Best Online Games @

Friv although being one of the top searching term in Britain for the year 2008, not many people know about this favorite website yet. It is also one of the Fastest Rising search words that has reserved a spot in Google Zeitgeist 2008.

Anyways it would my true pleasure to share with you this website named which can be quoted as the only website that provides you with all the Very best online games. This site provides you with almost 200+ best online flash games for free and all you need is just a PC with high speed internet connection. It is not generally possible to access from a mobile/cell phone handset.

This website has been designed with a system that ensures of having only the most popular games. Whenever a new game is added it simply replaces the least popular one in the existing collection making the website a depository of the Very Best Online Games.

I have been using this from the day I came to know about it and its definitely worth a try.

Try it for yourself and post a comment with the game you liked most.
My vote would be for TANK.
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How-To Connect your Computer to your TV

don't need to have an expansive media PC to have a great digital home experience.

You can connect any home computer to your TV very simply and cheaply and I am gonna show you how to do it.

There are two things that we have to connect namely (i) Audio & (ii)Video

First lets connect the video.

Most newer TV's are basically plug and play right out of the box, so look on the back pannel of your TV for one of the following ports.
Now look at your computer back pannel connections.
Most use VGA to connect to monitor. So you will need a Standard VGA Cable as below image
to connect your TV to your PC.

You can easily find one online from or you can get it from your nearest electronic store or buy it from amazon link below.

For MAC users
The MAC mini has a DVI connection with a VGA display adapter, so that can be connected automatically using VGA cable.
You just have to buy a VGA male to male cable. Order it from here easily or get it from your nearest electronic store.

NOTE:: If you have been watching TV and wanna switch to computer input, you need to change from TV to RGB mode on your TV.

Now, if you TV doesn't have VGA or DVI then look for S-video or RCA.
Go back to your computer and if you have TV out, you may have either one or both of these outputs. So use the appropriate RCA or S-video cable to connect.

If your computer doesn't have TV-out, you can buy a VGA to TV converter.
You can order it from here or buy in any of your nearest electronic store.

This just converts your computers VGA output into either RCA compatible or S-video based on your TV. But the picture quality is not as good as using VGA or DVI.
DVI stands for Digital Video Interface and it give the best quality closely followed by VGA.

Now, If you want to be able to switch back and forth from a normal monitor to your TV without unplugging the cable, you will also need a KVM switch.

As shown in above image connect VGA port A to your monitor and VGA Port B to your TV and connect I/O Video port to your computer. The other two ports given under each video are just for a keyboard or mouse connection. So you need not worry about that.

You can pick this KVM switch or 4-Port MiniView PC PS/2 KVM Switch Kit with Cables(PS/2) from here...

Note:: If you are having an old model TV you won't be having any of the ports above except a single RF connector. In that case you have to buy RF audio_S-video modulator to accomplishes our task of connecting TV to PC.
You can get one online from here

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RAY T65 Mobile Phone Price And Specifications

The Ray T65 is an affordable GSM handset with a 1.8 inch touch screen and a 3-megapixel camera.
The T65 can play MP3s and FM radio, and can record video as well.
The phone also features Bluetooth with A2DP, for listening to stereo music on a third party Bluetooth headset. The Phone is equipped with 32MB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to 2GB with a memory slot.

Cost In India: Rs 6,399

For More Detail Visit:
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Yahoo's Search Pad Lets You Take Notes While Browsing

Yahoo a introduced a new tool, called Search Pad, that helps users in organising information they come across while browsing the Web. The product detects when a person appears to be doing research, and offers to catalog findings in a special window within the search page. Users can then clip a portion of a Web Site, add notes to various clippings, and save results as part of their online profile.

For More Detail Visit:
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Nokia 5130 Xpress Music:Price And Features

A new mid-range music oriented phone from Nokia, the 5130 XpressMusic is packaged with a 1GB microSD card (expandable up to 8GB) that is pre loaded with 50 songs in five languages. Boasting of up to 21 hours of music playback, the device supports stereo FM radio and MP3.
Other feature include a 2 megapixel camera, a 2 inch screen(256K colours, 240X320 pixels), 3.5mm audio jack, Blutooth 2.0, and a microUSB port.

Cost In India: Rs 6,699

For Detail Visit:
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LG KM335 : Price And Specifications

Just 1.5 centimetres thick, this sleek phone from LG sports a 2 inch screen, supports GRPS, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, and USB for connectivity. Capable of playing FM radio and MP3 songs, this music phone provides easy accessiblity via hot keys.
The gadget is fitted with 3 megapixel camera with LED flash to capture photos and videos. Fitted with 90 MB of internal memory, the KM335also boasts of a microSD card slot that can accomodate up to 8GB of additional memory. Its 110mAh Li-ion battery boasts of providing 9.5 hrs of talk time and 600 hours of stand by time.
The phone is available in three colours champagne, wine, and black.

Cost In India: Rs 9,250
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Troubleshooting Tips to 50 Most Frequently asked Hardware Problems

Here are the simple troubleshooting tips to some of the most commonly encountered hardware problems.

01. There is no power light, and you cannot hear any cooling fan.
--> Check SMPS power, main power connection, and check connection on Motherboard from SMPS, check front panel connections.

02. There is no power light, but you hear the cooling fan running.
--> Check front panel connections.

03. The power light is on, but there is no apparent system activity.
-->Problem in Power good signal, video card, RAM slots.

04. The power light is on, but you hear two or more beeps.
--> CMOS checkup failure, RAM speed mismatch, RAM not inserted in its slot properly.

05. The power light is on, but the system hangs during initialization.
--> Check hardware settings, cables and bus.

06. You see no drive light activity.
--> Check power connection to that drive, front panel connections.

07. You see a message indicating ‘CMOS setup problem’.
--> Indicates CMOS memory has been failed so change CMOS battery.

08. The drive light remains on continuously.
--> Lens or head problem which indicates that Hard disk is in a bad condition.

09. You see normal system activity, but there is no video.
--> Check for monitor cable connection, monitor problem.

10. System fails to recognize the newly installed devices.

--> Check Power supply, cable connection, port, hardware. Enable settings in bios.

11. The system fails to boot, freezes during booting, or freezes during operation
for no apparent reasons.

-->problem in RAM, cache memory.

12. One or more applications fails to function as expected after an upgrade.

--> Check for hardware compatibility list for the newly installed software.

13. Windows 98/Me will not boot, and disk check reports bad clusters that it cannot repair.

--> Perform high level formatting, zerofill.

14. During the windows boot, you get an “Invalid system disk” error.
--> Operating system failure, invalid BOOT.INI file, bad MBR.

15. Windows 98/Me will not install on a compressed drive.
--> 98 doesn’t support NTFS to install OS.

16. BIOS ROM checksum error—system halted.
--> Restore BIOS settings, set the jumpers, and check the battery voltage and change it if necessary.

17. C: or D: drive error.
--> Check MBR, Try repartitioning, Adjust cable, Run disk check to remove bad sectors. If the error still persists, format.

18. "Cache memory bad, don’t enable cache" error
--> Change processor.

19. "CMOS battery failed" error
--> Change CMOS (complimentary metal oxide semiconductor) battery.

20. "CMOS checksum error-defaults loaded" error
--> Check jumpers.

21. CMOS memory size mismatch.
--> Change CMOS battery.

22. CPU at “nnn” error
--> Cache memory fails.

23. DMA (or DMA#1 or DMA#2) error.
--> North Bridge fail, disable DMA controller

24. Hard disk configuration error.
--> Setup BIOS as auto detect.

25. Hard disk failure.
--> Cable, auto detect, check for BIOS settings

26. Insert bootable media.
--> Check O.S on hard drive, change boot priority.

27. Keyboard controller failure.
--> Change keyboard.

28. Primary input device not found.
--> Keyboard not connected.

29. Disk cannot be read.
--> Mainly Motor problem or lens problem. Better check out all the devices in that Hard drive

30. The disk does not turn.
--> Spindle motor problem, so check its mechanism and replace if necessary.

31. The computer locks up while reading a CD/DVD.
--> CD/DVD problem, laser beam intensity problem and cable connection.

32. You receive a “Buffer Underrun” error when you are writing in CD-R mode.

--> Increase buffer size.

33. You receive an “invalid media” error when trying to boot from the CD.

--> That is not a bootable disk.

34. The system boots from the hard drive even though there is a bootable disk in the drive.
--> Check out setup BIOS and set first boot device to CD drive or floppy where you have inserted bootable disk.

35. When copying large files, the copy problem is eventually interrupted with a “blue screen” error.
--> RAM problem.

36. You see drive activity, but the computer will not boot from the hard drive.
--> Cable problem, bad sectors on tracks so try disk check and scandisk.

37. Your IDE drive spins up when power is applied, then rapidly spins down again.
--> Required wattage is not available from SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)

38. You see an “Error reading from C:” error message.
--> File system or file allocation table (FAT) error so better to format, OS not loaded properly so try to repair.

39. You see "Disk Boot Failure", "non-system disk", or "No ROM Basic- SYSTEM HALTED" error message.
--> General checkup, cable connections, bad sectors, insert bootable disk and change boot priority.

40. You find two keyboards listed in the Windows Device Manager.

--> When USB keyboard is connected it will show PS/2 also connected.

41. Your laptop doesn’t detect a PS/2 keyboard.

--> Change IRQ settings.

42. You are encountering a memory error with HIMEM.SYS under DOS.
--> Copy HIMEM.SYS from boot CD using command "extract" in base folder.

43. USB pointing device do not work in safe mode.
--> While in safe mode we will not get any other external devices

44. The modem will not pick up the phone line.
--> Busy, it’s already in use.

45. Secondary IDE controller resource conflict.

--> Set IRQ in auto.

46. You receive an "erase chip failure" when trying to run a flash loader.
--> Write protect change to "disable" in integrated peripheral

47. After installing new BIOS, the system now asks for a password.
--> Clear the CMOS by jumpers and try again

48. Power management features are not available.
--> Check in BIOS setup.

49. PnP support is not available, or PnP devices don’t function properly.

--> Your BIOS doesn’t support PnP feature

50. The A: drive appears in My Computer even though no drive is installed.
--> Change BIOS settings for floppy from enabled or disabled

Is you problem not listed here?? Then post it in the comment section below and get the troubleshooting tips.
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Total Audio & Video Converter

Here after forget all video and audio convertor use this powerful tool for your conversion, easily convert the format and load into your favourite devices like mobile,palmtop,psp,ipod,….

Main Features of Total Video Converter:

* Convert all kinds of videos to mobile videos or audios (mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx mpeg4 avi, amr audio) which are used by cell-phone, PDA, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Xbox360, PS3 etc.;
* Photos slide show combines multi-photos and musics with more than 300 photos fantasy transition effect;
* High compatibility and high efficiency for Importing RMVB or RM video/audio;
* Convert various videos to MPEG videos compatible with standard DVD/SVCD/VCD;
* Burn the converted videos to DVD/SVCD/VCD;
* Rip DVD to popular videos of all sorts;
* Extract audio from various of videos and convert which to all kinds of audios (mp3, ac3, ogg, wav, aac);
* RIP CD to audios of all sorts directly;
* Support using with command line;
* Combine several video and audio files to one video file;
* Demultiplex or extract video and audio;
* Multiplex video and audio to one file;


Video Formats:

Convert from Real Video Rmvb (.rm,.rmvb)
Convert from MPEG4 (.mp4)
Convert from 3gp (.3gp, 3g2)
Convert from Game Psp (.psp)
Convert from MPEG1 (.mpg, mpeg)
Convert from MPEG2 PS (.mpg, mpeg, vob)
Convert from MPEG2 TS (DVB Transport Stream)
Convert from DIVX (.divx)
Convert from Ms ASF (.asf, .wmv)
Convert from Ms ASF (.asf, .wmv)
Convert from Ms AVI (.avi)
Convert from Macromedia Flash video FLV (.flv)
Convert from Apple Quicktime (.mov)
Convert from FLIC format (.fli, .flc)
Convert from Gif Animation (.gif)
Convert from DV (.dv)
Convert from Matroska (.mkv)
Convert from ogm (.ogm)
Convert from Video Formats Dx9 Directshow can open

Audio Formats:

Convert from CD audio (.cda)
Convert from MPEG audio (.mp3, mp2)
Convert from Ms WAV (.wav)
Convert from Ms WMA (.wma)
Convert from Real Audio (.ra)
Convert from OGG (.ogg)
Convert from Amr audio (.amr)
Convert from AC3 (.ac3)
Convert from SUN AU format (.au)
Convert from Macromedia Flash embedded audio (.swf)
Convert from Audio Formats Dx9 Directshow can open

Game Video Formats:

Technologies format, used in some games(.4xm)
Playstation STR
Id RoQ used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games
Format used in various Interplay computer games,Interplay MVE
Multimedia format used in Origin’s Wing Commander III computer game,WC3 Movie
Used in many Sega Saturn console games, Sega FILM/CPK
Multimedia formats used in Westwood Studios games, Westwood Studios VQA/AUD
Used in Quake II, Id Cinematic (.cin)
Used in Sierra CD-ROM games, Sierra VMD
Used in Sierra Online games, .sol files
Electronic Arts Multimedia, Matroska
Used in various EA games; files have extensions like WVE and UV2
Nullsoft Video (NSV) format



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How To Unlock Website

Yeah It is a most common question to all…

If Your College PC or School PC ot Office PC locked any website like


have banned the above sites then dont worry!!

just load the below site and enter the URL of these sites and begin browsing in secure and safe manner..



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BSNL JTO Recruitment Test 2009

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. [BSNL] will recruit about 3945 [subject to variation depending on the availability of vacancies] Junior Telecom Officers through an open competitive examination to be held on 21.06.2009 on All India basis.

the model question paper for this posting is given below

more papers update soon


For Direct Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers, an objective type Examination of 3 hours duration consisting of following
Sectional papers will be conducted:


A. Engineering Stream Paper - I
B. Engineering Stream Paper - II
C.General Ability Test Paper - III

1.The standard of paper in Engineering subjects will be that of Engineering Degree Examination of an Indian University.

2.In the general ability test, special attention will be paid to assess the candidate’s capacity for general awareness. The
standard of paper in general ability test will be such as may be expected of an Engineering Graduate.

3.The syllabus for engineering stream papers will be as given below.


1. Materials and components

Structure and properties of Electronic Engineering materials, Conductors, Semiconductors and Insulators, Magnetic,
Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric, Ceramic, Optical and Superconducting materials. Passive components and characteristics,
Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors; Ferrites, Quartz crystal, Ceramic resonators, Electromagnetic and Electromechanical

2. Physical Electronics, Electron Devices and ICs

Electrons and holes in semiconductors, Carrier Statistics, Mechanics of current flow in a semi-conductor, Hall effect; Junction
theory; Different types of diodes and their characteristics; Bipolar Junction transistor; Field effect transistors; Power switching
devices like SCRs, CTOs, power MOSFETs; Basics of ICs-bipolar, MOS and CMOS types; Basics of Opto Electronics.
3. Network theory

Network analysis techniques: Network theorem, transcient and steady state sinusoidal response, Transmission criteria: delay
and rise time Elmore’s and other definition, effect of cascading. Elements of network synthesis.

4. Electromagnetic Theory

Transmission lines: basic theory, standing waves, matching applications, microstrip lines; Basics of waveguides and resonators;
Elements of antenna theory.
5. Electronic Measurements and instrumentation

Basic concepts, standards and error analysis; Measurements of basic electrical quantities and parameters;Electronic measuring instruments and their principles of working: analog and digital, comparison, characteristics,

applications. Transducers; Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, humidity etc.
Basics of telemetry for industrial use.

6. Power Electronics

Power Semiconductor devices, Thyristor, Power transistor, MOSFETs, Characteristics and operation. AC to DC convertors;
1-Phase and 3-phase DC to DC Convertors. AC regulators. Thyristor controlled reactors, switched capacitor networks.
Inverters: Single-phase and 3-phase. Pulse width modulation. Sinusoidal modulation with uniform sampling. Switched mode
power supplies.

1. Analog Electronic Circuits

Transistor biasing and stabilization, Small Signal analysis. Power amplifiers. Frequency response, Wide band techniques,
Feedback amplifiers. Tuned amplifiers. Oscillators. Rectifiers and power supplies. Operational Amplifier, other linear
integrated circuits and applications. Pulse shaping circuits and waveform generators.

2. Digital Electronic Circuits

Transistor as a switching element; Boolean algebra, simplification of Boolean functions, Karnaugh Map and applications;
IC Logic gates and their characteristics; IC logic families: DTL, TTL, ECL, NMOS, PMOS and CMOS gates and their
comparison; Combinational logic circuits; Half adder, full adder; Digital Compartor; Multiplexer Demultiplexer; ROM and
their applications. Flip-flops, R-S, J-K, D and T flip-flops; Different types of counters and registers; waveform generators.
A/D and D/A convertors. Semiconductor memories.

3. Control Systems

Transient and steady state response of control systems; Effect of feedback on stability and sensitivity, Root locus techniques;
Frequency response analysis. Concepts of gain and phase margins; Constant-M and Constant-N Nichol’s Chart;
Approximation of transient response from Constant-N Nichol’s Chart; Approximation of transient response from closed
loop frequency response; Design of Control Systems, Compensators; Industrial controllers.

4. Communication systems

Basic information theory: Modulation and detection in analogue and digital systems; Sampling and data reconstruction.
Quantization & Coding; Time division and frequency division multiplexing; Equalisation; Optical Communication: in free space
& fibre optic; Propagation of signals at HF, VHF, UHF and microwave frequency; Satellite communication.
5. Microwave Engineering

Microwave Tubes and solid state devices, Microwave generation and amplifiers, Waveguides and other Microwave
Components and Circuits, Microstrip circuits, Microwave antennas, Microwave Measurements, MASERS LASERS;
Microwave Propogation. Microwave Communication Systems-terrestrial and satellite based.

6. Computer Engineering

Number Systems; Data representation; Programming; Elements of a high level programming language PASCAL/C; use of
basic data structures; Fundamentals of computer architecture processor design; Control unit design; Memory organization.
I/O System Organization. Personal computers and their typical uses.
7. Microprocessors

Microprocessor architecture - Instruction set and simple assembly language programming. Interfacing for memory and I/O.
Applications of Microprocessors in Telecommunications and power system.


General ability test

The candidate’s comprehension and understanding of General English shall be tested through simple exercises.
Questions on knowledge of current events and of such matter of everyday observation and experience in their scientific
aspects as may be expected of an educated person. Questions will also be included on events and developments in
Telecommunications, History of India and Geography. These will be of a nature, which can be answered without special
study by an educated person.

keep watch








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