View Deleted/Removed YouTube Videos

Jul 27, 2009

How is thispossible? Well when a video has been removed from YouTube, it is not immediately deleted from their servers. Just like our hard drive. When we delete a file and empty the recycle bin, is it not really deleted. It is only marked as deleted and is ready to be overwritten. So if it is not being overwritten, we can still view the videos but of course not from

Viewing removed YouTube videos is easy. Here's how to do it.

First of all, you need to know the Video ID which is at the end of the YouTube link. An example of a YouTube video link is

The video ID for the link above is UzeV1Ux5YlI

Just copy and paste it in the ID text box and click view video. Here are a few sites that is able to play deleted YouTube videos. Surprisingly, they are all not the same. I've tested a deleted video ID on all 3 sites but one of it reported that it could not find deleted video. So if you desperately need to watch a deleted video, try on all of the sites and you might get to watch it.

1. UndeleTube

- A normal deleted youtube video viewer. Works well.

2. DeletedYoutubeViewer

- This is a bit special compared to the other two because you are able to search for deleted YouTube video through the VideoID or YouTube User. If you know the user that uploaded the deleted video, you can search the user name.

3. Delutube

I did not like this site so much because there are full of advertisements. Before get to watch a video, I need to wait 4 seconds. Not only that, this is the site that couldn't find the deleted youtube video that I am looking for.

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