How-To Connect your Computer to your TV

Jun 2, 2009

don't need to have an expansive media PC to have a great digital home experience.

You can connect any home computer to your TV very simply and cheaply and I am gonna show you how to do it.

There are two things that we have to connect namely (i) Audio & (ii)Video

First lets connect the video.

Most newer TV's are basically plug and play right out of the box, so look on the back pannel of your TV for one of the following ports.
Now look at your computer back pannel connections.
Most use VGA to connect to monitor. So you will need a Standard VGA Cable as below image
to connect your TV to your PC.

You can easily find one online from or you can get it from your nearest electronic store or buy it from amazon link below.

For MAC users
The MAC mini has a DVI connection with a VGA display adapter, so that can be connected automatically using VGA cable.
You just have to buy a VGA male to male cable. Order it from here easily or get it from your nearest electronic store.

NOTE:: If you have been watching TV and wanna switch to computer input, you need to change from TV to RGB mode on your TV.

Now, if you TV doesn't have VGA or DVI then look for S-video or RCA.
Go back to your computer and if you have TV out, you may have either one or both of these outputs. So use the appropriate RCA or S-video cable to connect.

If your computer doesn't have TV-out, you can buy a VGA to TV converter.
You can order it from here or buy in any of your nearest electronic store.

This just converts your computers VGA output into either RCA compatible or S-video based on your TV. But the picture quality is not as good as using VGA or DVI.
DVI stands for Digital Video Interface and it give the best quality closely followed by VGA.

Now, If you want to be able to switch back and forth from a normal monitor to your TV without unplugging the cable, you will also need a KVM switch.

As shown in above image connect VGA port A to your monitor and VGA Port B to your TV and connect I/O Video port to your computer. The other two ports given under each video are just for a keyboard or mouse connection. So you need not worry about that.

You can pick this KVM switch or 4-Port MiniView PC PS/2 KVM Switch Kit with Cables(PS/2) from here...

Note:: If you are having an old model TV you won't be having any of the ports above except a single RF connector. In that case you have to buy RF audio_S-video modulator to accomplishes our task of connecting TV to PC.
You can get one online from here

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